Nursery Insider - Botanical Growers
by Botanical Growers
To serve you better and faster our new 33k sq ft packing building is now up and running. Hoppers, rolling tables, gift wrapping stations and a full UPS bay. We have waited years for something this cool.
 Trimmed to 4' max  Bagged and netted  Ready to box
Shipping large plants is a bit of a challenge, but we've got it figured out. Plants are trimmed, watered, bagged, netted, craft or tissue wrapped and then finally packaged snugly in the proper size box with vegetable starch based WATER SOLUABLE peanuts to keep the plants from shifting. Think of it...packaging peanuts you can COMPOST, Cool... RIGHT!?!
This extensive packaging process is quite a bit of work, but you'll have to admit, its better than getting bare root plants in a box of mud and soggy newsprint.